Video: treat an apple tree with scab

Video: treat an apple tree with scab

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Thanks to the advice of Jacques My, expert at the Plant Clinic, you will be what you need to do to have fruit trees in top shape. In this video sequence, Jacques deals with the case of an apple tree with spots on its fruits and leaves. Follow the explanations and recommendations of our expert!

Question from the user

<< Mon pommier est mal en point. Le feuillage n'a pas vraiment de problème, mais les fruits sont déjà comme piqués alors qu'ils sont loin d'être mûrs. Pourrons-nous faire de la compote cette année ? Merci ! >>

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Auscultation and diagnosis

The spots that appear on the fruits and leaves of this apple tree are due to an attack by a fungus called "Venturia inaequalis" (scab disease). It is a very common disease in apple and pear trees. When you are at this stage of disease development, there is not much left for you to do. Since the apples are not of good quality and do not reach the desired size, you can still eat them, make pies or compote.

Some recommendations

However, you can take precautions for the next harvest by removing all infected parts of the apple tree, whether the leaves or the fruit. This method will prevent the development of scab which returns from one year to another. The following year in spring, you can make a preventive treatment based on Bordeaux mixture. If you follow these instructions, your apple tree will regain its splendor. You too, ask your questions at The Plant Clinic!


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