Tell us why you like grilling, we tell you what type of barbecue to choose!

Tell us why you like grilling, we tell you what type of barbecue to choose!

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It's decided, this year, the summer without barbecue will not pass by you! But once in store, faced with the XXL choice of models, wood, gas, small and large, you get a little lost. This is where the editorial staff of dé comes to the rescue. The principle: determine what aspect of the grilling party pushes you to buy, and, in return, we advise you the type of barbecue that suits you best! Ready to join the game?

You like grilling for their delicious smoked flavor

The smell and flavor of smoked meat: for you, the pleasure of grilling with family or friends is best appreciated while breathing in the fresh air, filling the palate. What you need at all costs: a charcoal barbecue! Because to get the smoky taste of a traditional and authentic barbecue, it is impossible to ignore a reddening cooking of embers. Only problem: take your patience and play the Cro-Magnon man to light the fire ... One thing is certain, no way to be tempted by a gas model, certainly, very easy and quick to get started , but does not give off the same smoky sensation in the mouth.

You like grilling for their friendly side

Amazing how a few pieces of meat can sow such a festive spirit. Yes, barbecue parties have something intensely sunny and cheerful. So, what better way to improvise the taste festivities than to light a barbecue in two stages, three movements? As such, who says express start says gas barbecue. With him, we don't bother to light the fire. With just one click, cooking is ready to start, and as a bonus, it gives off no smoke stinging your eyes. Besides, the more spacious it is, the better. And for good reason: a barbecue around which the guests are agitated and succeed one another is a pledge of conviviality! As for the most ambitious, the barbecues integrated into the outdoor kitchens, the cradle of summer conviviality, are also to be pampered up close…

You like grilling everywhere, anytime

For you, grilling is like picnics, you can improvise them easily anywhere and anytime: in the apartment, in the garden, on a walk, with friends, on vacation, at noon, in the evening … Result, to maximize the nomadic spirit, we favor an extra model, easy to transport and move. In short, we adopt a posable barbecue! Some versions even have feet to add giving height to the structure and a look closer to that of its compatriots. Another option to favor: braziers! If, on the contrary, the latter turn out to be much more bulky and bulky than the first, their cast iron base acts as an additional fireplace in addition to its barbecue function. This allows them to be used both in summer and in fall or early winter. Or the best way to extend the pleasure of grilling outdoors all year round…

You like grilling when it is low in fat

You like grilling, but not those that extol the caloric merits of merguez and chipolatas. No, for you, modern barbecue is as good as healthy. In fact, without knowing it, you have already chosen your side: the plancha. Because this enameled cast iron cooking plate, on which we cook meat as well as fish and shellfish, offers a less fatty and lighter version of grilled meats! Let’s add that a cousin of the barbecue, the smokehouse, is also popular for his way of making grills healthier… And now, to your barbecues!


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