Meet the beautiful and talented Sarah Lavoine

Meet the beautiful and talented Sarah Lavoine

Renowned decorator, Sarah Lavoine has just opened a new boutique that showcases her decorative universe. It is an opportunity to come back on his career and his style but also to draw some advice!

Tell us about your background.

After my studies, I wanted to become an actress, but I quickly understood that it was not for me. At 24, I decided to become an interior decorator, I immediately knew that it was the right path for me. My father played a very important role in my career, he was the editor of Vogue magazine for 15 years, and I always accompanied him on parades when I was a child. My mother was also an interior decorator, it was she who taught me the trade and who made me want to go in this direction.

You are one of the most talked about decorators, how do you explain that?

I think for my style, both refined and daring. Maybe also because I am accessible.

How would you rate your style?

I think it's a contemporary style but warm, timeless.

How do you go about rethinking a room?

I immediately look at the volumes and the light. What we can change, transform, break and redevelop…

What can you find in your new store?

The shop offers my first line of furniture and interior items - coffee tables, sofas, mirrors, consoles, candles, etc. There is also my range of paint. We also offer different brands and creations that I like, my decorative favorites.

How is your interior?

My apartment reflects my style. For example, my TV room is black and there is always a black room in my interiors, it's warm and relaxing. I collect many objects, which come from, among other things, my travels. In general, I buy compulsively, I work at heart. And then I also have a passion for contemporary art, that's why there are a few pieces in my house. But above all, I like to mix genres and styles… Fabrice Hyber, Araki… The apartment itself is unique; the ceiling height is extraordinary for an apartment on the 4th floor. The space is also incredible, there is room for everyone. My favorite room is my bedroom. I like the dark blue and the huge windows that overlook the greenery. I also love the 50's library.

What advice would you give to redecorate its interior?

Play with colors! But the main thing is the lighting. Especially multiply the points of indirect lights, sift, and use a lot of candles. To give a personal touch, the only way, and which is very important, is to immediately hang pictures, photos, mirrors. Art has a primordial place in the atmosphere of a house. There is nothing sadder than empty walls.

What are your next projects ?

I walk by feeling and love at first sight. I don't have a strategic plan…