What colors should be given for a festive living room?

What colors should be given for a festive living room?

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As the Christmas holidays and family meals approach, remember to take care of your decoration. From pristine white to a charming fireside dinner, bring your personal touch to your living room. Pay special attention to details and combine colors to match this festive period. For a modern and refined style, adopt a soft and tender style in white. For end-of-year celebrations under the sign of tradition, choose the harmony between red and white. Finally, in an authentic and warm Christmas spirit, opt for a skilful mixture of traditional colors.

A festive and modern living room all in white

Clean and immaculate in white, for the Christmas holidays, adopt a style between purity and elegance in your living room. The charm of the end-of-year holidays lies in a white Christmas. In natural and bright tones, choose shades of white for the decorative items and the upholstery. They will offer an astonishing brightness in your interior and will meet your expectations in terms of decoration. Decorative objects, tableware or table linen, harmonize the colors by matching white with dishes in the same shade, a tablecloth in shades of beige to stay in natural and refined shades. On the festive lighting side, dazzle your guests with crystal candle holders and sumptuous tassel candelabras. In order to contrast with the transparency of the crystal and the white color, garnish a round glass bowl with white and golden balls. This assortment of colors will bring a touch of magic in this universe of sweetness like a snowflake.

A festive lounge in red and white

For the holidays, stay in the pure Christmas tradition by choosing traditional colors between red and white. These colors are reminiscent of Christmas decorations in the Scandinavian countries. Decorate your living room in this Nordic spirit to create a place of conviviality. In an essential and traditional style, opt for the red tablecloth and the dishes in white tones. In Christmas colors, decorate the center table with leaves, candles and bread apples in vegetable tones and decorate this composition with red bells and Christmas balls in this same shade. To stick to your theme, surround your Christmas table with red metal chairs. Arrange candles on a console, alternating between white and red. Do not hesitate to create a festive universe in red and white in order to set up a warm decoration.

A very natural festive fair

To make a festive decoration in a chalet spirit in the heart of your living room. Play the classic and cozy menu. Very natural and authentic, you will appreciate the mountain style of dishes in taupe, gray or ivory colors. In a very natural spirit, create a soft and warm light by adding candle holders composed of a wooden base to your decoration. They will bring a soft light into the living room for a friendly and authentic atmosphere. In a warm and festive setting, multiply the natural colors and natural materials such as wood and fur for a sweet Christmas. Decorate your interior with candles with delicate and refined scents. To stay in this chalet spirit, decorate your chandelier with a garland of pine cones and decorate your walls with Christmas decorations like stars and hearts to celebrate the holidays in the privacy of a winter night.


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