What colors to choose and match for a good mood in the house?

What colors to choose and match for a good mood in the house?

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To dispel black ideas and regain a smile, certain colors are to be preferred. The idea is therefore to review the tones of the different rooms in the house. Kitchen, bathroom, living room can display colors full of pep's to boost the morale of the occupants. In the cocooning room, it's also time to add a touch of cheerful color for soothing nights.

The essential purple

2014 is the year of purple and we are already delighted because it is second to none to revive an interior. No doubt that this color with crazy charm will reign in a good mood in a sad decor. One of the easiest colors to match is purple. It is suitable for all styles, from baroque to vintage, from country to contemporary. No wonder Pantone is giving him sweet eyes this year. Purple magically erases the neutrality of certain tones. This is the case of taupe or gray. The plum color is also wonderful, combined with an eggshell tone. Painting, furniture, decoration accessories: purple is everywhere. In the bedroom, it is perfect combined with natural wood. Against a background of white walls, curtains and eggplant bed linen harmonize happily with a few notes of powder pink for an ultra chic atmosphere. In the living room, with a few touches purple enchants a very (too?) Classic decor. Carpet, designer armchair and purple sofa for a charming tone on tone will be enough to put a smile on your face. In a more contemporary universe, we dare on gray, purple and flashy pink in invigorating touches.

The living room and the entrance

The living room is the centerpiece where we like to meet with family or friends. It is important to emphasize the brightness and the colors that boost morale. We therefore do not hesitate to repaint a wall of a cheerful color or to put a few strips of wallpaper back into fashion. Your living room looks gray? Place an emerald green on a pan that Pantone had elected the flagship color in 2013. Similarly, a beautiful bright orange will undoubtedly bring the essential touch of gaiety to the living room, to match with black, blue or brown, or in small touches with red for a warm harmony. Intense, deep blue knows how to bring a warm touch to interior decoration. More nuanced, it is perfect for a Zen and stress-free atmosphere. To also use in different shades in a contemporary style living room without forgetting to play the card of originality by placing a multicolored graphic carpet on a wall for a very trendy decoration.

An energized kitchen

Exit the purr and the lack of enthusiasm! The kitchen does not escape the rule of cheerful colors so that, from breakfast, the day promises to be dynamic and that the spirits are positive. We therefore emphasize the colors full of freshness. Here again, the purple chosen color of the year 2014 has every chance of giving back pep's to a kitchen. If you want to bring the tangy touch essential to a singing mood, you can combine white or blue with anise green. Similarly, it is impossible to have low morale in a kitchen where red, black and steel play contrasts. Both refined and intense, this passion color lifts hearts up. Finally, crockery, kitchen accessories and small household appliances use and abuse cheerful colors provided that care is taken to respect a beautiful harmony to avoid saturation. Our practical entrance decoration videos


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